We are a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Chicago devoted to providing a space for female undergraduates to discuss philosophy and practical issues facing students studying philosophy, although we are also male-friendly. Our goal is to increase the percentage of female students studying philosophy and increase female participation in the classroom. We meet weekly, often featuring discussions with faculty members or graduate students or information sessions on topics pertinent to students engaged in philosophy (for example, writing a BA essay or applying to undergraduate conferences). To best further our mission, we are also closely aligned with the Undergraduate Philosophy Club and the (Graduate) Women in Philosophy group. We debuted an undergraduate journal, The University of Chicago Philosophy Review, in 2013-14; if you’d like to join us, we are seeking both undergraduate reviewers and undergraduate contributors.

Winter and Spring Quarter Meetings

Join us this quarter! Odd week meetings will feature events, while even weeks will be dedicated study halls. Our listhost is the most reliable method to stay updated.