Week 4: “Moral Differences and Distances” by Cora Diamond

This week, we’ll be reading Cora Diamond’s “Moral Differences and Distances.” It’s 18 pages long, but 7 pages of that is directly excerpted from a newspaper, so it should go pretty quickly. Reading it is definitely worth your while — it’s one of my favorite essays in philosophy and is still resonating with me months after having read it the first time. It’s about how our own personal ethical schemas can come into conflict with what we find interesting, or humorous, or beautiful, and how that tension can manifest in popular media. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. (If you’re pinched for time, focus on pages 202-215. And if people are very interested but unable to get through it all, we can consider continuing the discussion next week.)

We will be meeting on Wednesday at 5:30 PM in Stuart 209. See you all there!