About Us

According to a survey conducted by the philosophy department two years ago, many undergraduate women lose interest in studying philosophy after taking their Humanities courses. We see a drop in the percentage of women in philosophy at every level, from the initial HUM classes to introductory philosophy classes to advanced classes to BA writing seminars. In last year’s graduating class, for instance, philosophy majors were just 21% female. Our goal, therefore, is twofold:

  1. We aim to help build an undergraduate community at UChicago oriented around a passion for philosophy and bolstered by a more direct engagement with graduate students and faculty.
  2. We aim to connect that community to female students interested in philosophy by a) engaging these students in philosophical subject matter in an informal, fun, low-pressure, and social manner and b) providing a space for them to voice any concerns.

Since our founding in 2012, the rate of female philosophy majors has increased to 30%, and we even landed on the front page of the Maroon. Several of our members have gone on to serve as leaders of the Undergraduate Philosophy Club and on the board of the UChicago Philosophy Review. And, not only did we increase rates of female majors last year, but in addition, we witnessed an unprecedented number of majors — both male and female — sign up to write BA theses, helping to confirm our suspicion that focusing our efforts on engaging women in philosophy will lead to a better, more engaged undergraduate academic experience for all.

Who we are — the Board

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