Examples of previous meetings:

  • Discussions with professors Agnes Callard, Anat Schechtman, Gabriel Lear, Jennifer Frey (University of South Carolina) and chair of the department Candace Vogler
  • Information sessions on applying to undergraduate conferences, writing a BA thesis essay, applying to graduate school in philosophy
  • Discussions on philosophical texts by Thomas Nagel, Christine Korsgaard, Michel Foucault, Plato, Elizabeth Anscombe
  • Brainstorming sessions and focus group sessions on what can be done to attract more women to the field

Notable Involvements:

  • Sent then Co-Presidents Julie Huh and Sabina Bremner to the University of North Carolina’s Workshop on the Recruitment and Retention of Female Undergraduates in Philosophy to present a talk about UChicago UWIP
  • Led a trip to a Women in Philosophy colloquium at the University of Illinois Chicago
  • Hosted weekly meetings with frequent interaction with graduate women
  • Appointed a Women in Philosophy liaison, PhD candidate Dasha Polzik, who will work with Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies David Holliday and hold weekly office hours to address any WIP-related concerns
  • Started organizing an undergraduate philosophy journal for this year with other philosophy students while ensuring a high rate of female participation, female inclusion in future issues, and a focus on feminist philosophy/female philosophers
  • Created and administered a survey to philosophy majors to direct our efforts this year
  • Hosted quarterly dinners with female undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty
  • Invited members of the Society for Women in Physics to talk about their efforts supporting women in the sciences